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Surveying the Primary Ballot

I had hoped we might not have a primary this year, to save the city some tens of thousands of dollars, but in the end there are five candidates for two council seats (there had been six, but John Wykoff withdrew). A primary is necessary to reduce that list to four.

Besides the incumbents (Marv Koppen and me), there are three other names that will be on the ballot, all of them past candidates and two of them past officeholders:

  • Bob Cardinal was mayor of Maplewood from 1999-2005, but lost the mayoral primary in 2005 (Longrie and Rossbach advanced to the general election, which Longrie won). When he ran again for Mayor in 2009 he placed fifth out of seven candidates in the primary.
  • Rebecca Cave served on the council after winning a 2006 special election (after having lost the previous fall's general election). I defeated her in 2007. She ran for council again in 2009, advanced from the primary (placing fourth out of eleven candidates), but finished fourth in the general election. Last year she was a candidate in the special election that Marv Koppen won; she finished second of three candidates, with close to 30% of the vote.
  • Elizabeth Sletten was also a city council candidate in both 2009 and 2010. She placed seventh out of eleven candidates in the 2009 primary.  In the 2010 special election her 19% of the votes gave her third place out of three.
The primary will take place on August 9th.  The top four vote recipients will advance to the general election on November 8th.


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