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2009 Election Results Spreadsheet

For those who are curious about the precinct-level details, you can find a spreadsheet of the election results on the city web page. (I've also archived it on this website, in case the city page is moved at some point in the future.) The tally includes total write-in votes, but does not break them down by who they were for, which requires manual counting. We should have that complete information when we canvass the results of the election at our regular council meeting on Monday.


Up until midmorning on Thursday the city's spreadsheet had an error in the vote total and turnout calculation for precinct 7 (Vote totals mayor: 184/303/23 add up to 510, but the total votes row said 394. The turnout is misstated as 18% (394/2138) when it should be 24% (510/2138)). It has now been corrected.
If you grabbed a copy before then, best get a fresh one...

Thanks for the heads up -- I did grab the corrected copy as it turns out.

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