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Insurance Returning to Normal

One of the reasons I ran for the Maplewood City Council four years ago was the blinkered incompetence of the previous city council majority and the utterly unqualified crony that they installed as city manager, with whose assistance they turned city government into a vehicle for pursuing their own personal vendettas.  This cost taxpayers dearly, as a series of illegal firings racked up big legal expenses, out-of-court settlements, and court judgements.  Much of the actual dollars were paid by our insurer, the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust -- which means that taxpayers all over the state picked up the tab for the old regime's malice and incompetence.

It was not without consequences for Maplewood, however.  We came close to losing our coverage, and our insurance policy was renewed only with special conditions setting a much higher deductible than usual.  Last year we saw our deductible lowered, in recognition of the city's return to responsible governance.  The latest good news on tonight's agenda is that this year we are looking at another improvement, which should return us to the state of insurance normalcy we enjoyed before our former mayor and her pals took over city hall.

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