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False Rate Reporting's Impact on Rate Comparisons

My investigation of trash bills and discovery that some residents are being charged a lot more than the rates reported to this city suggests to me that we need to, at a minimum, make some changes to the city's existing ordinance and how it is enforced.

It also means something relevant to our study of organized collection.  Remember all those rate comparisons I was doing, with the graphs comparing Maplewood rates with those of various Metro cities with organized hauling?  The numbers I used for Maplewood were the base rates reported by the haulers -- rates that are in question, now that I have compared them to some actual bills paid by Maplewood residents.  And that's not even considering the tacked-on "environmental" fees and fuel surcharges (which, as far as I have found so far, don't get added to bills in organized cities).

I remember one gentleman who testified on March 28th said that a couple of bucks a month is trivial and not worth giving up personal choice of hauler.  But now we're looking at residents paying hundreds of dollars more per year -- compared to what their hauler tells the city is their rate.  And what they'd pay in an organized collection city today is even lower.


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