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Rate Comparisons: Graphs

My last entry, comparing the rates of various organized collection cities with those reported by Maplewood's haulers, was pretty heavy on the numbers.  I found it helpful to graph the data, to get a better handle on what it means.

I made one graph for each typical container size (approximately 30, 60 and 90 gallons).  Red bars represent the licensed residential haulers in Maplewood and the rates they report to the city, with the dark red bar representing the average of these haulers' rates.  Green bars represent the rates of cities with organized trash hauling, and again the dark green bar represents the average of the organized cities.

Here's the graph comparing rates for the 90-gallon class container (click on any of these graphs to open a larger version).

As you can see, while the average organized rate is lower than the average Maplewood rate, there are individual examples where organized cities have higher rates than some or many of Maplewood's haulers.  I suspect that these cases reflect instances where cities have chosen to increase the difference between rates, in order to financially reward waste reduction.

When you get to the medium-sized containers, a single Maplewood hauler has a lower rate than only one of the organized collection cities.

And finally, when it comes to the smallest container size, every single organized collection city has a rate lower than even the lowest of Maplewood's haulers.

If Maplewood can achieve pricing through organized collection that is merely average in each service level, we would provide residents with lower hauling rates than are currently offered by any of Maplewood's licensed haulers.


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