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Unaudited 2010 Special Election Results

Maplewood's City Clerk compiled an unaudited election results report for the special election, on a precinct-by-precinct basis, and e-mailed it to various folks including the candidates and the City Council. I've uploaded it for anyone curious.

Not suprisingly, given the different levels of attention people often pay to city versus higher level elections, more than 600 voters cast ballots but did not mark a choice in the city race.

For those who like to slice and dice the numbers, here's one spreadsheet I did for analysis -- looking at each candidate's percentage of the city council vote in each precinct. It's interesting to see where the candidates demonstrated strength or weakness, indicating where they have strong ties in the community or perhaps where they focused their campaigning.

Koppen's best precinct was 10 (58%), which I believe is his home precinct; it was also the worst for Sletten (10%). Even in his worst precinct (P13), Koppen still earned a respectable 46% of the vote.

One of Sletten's best precincts was P2, home to former mayor Diana Longrie (who was also on the ballot as a primary candidate, there to be mauled by Rep. McCollum), where she earned 24% of the ballots. In the seventh precinct, where she lives, Sletten only received her city-wide average of 19%. Perhaps familiarity has bred something there?

Two of Cave's three strongest precincts, all at around 34%, were Gladstone's P4, which was arguably the engine for her 2006 special election win (following up on all the neighborhood fears drummed in in the regular election the fall before), and her home Precinct 9. On the other hand, the 25% she got in Precinct 3 (where I live, as does Councilmember Juenemann) was her worst performance in the city.

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