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Longrie's Alternate Budget

On the agenda for Monday's special council meeting, after the staff's budget presentation and before public comment, is an alternate budget proposal from Mayor Longrie. The meeting packet is finalized and available online, yet the mayor's proposed budget is not in it.

My recollection from our budget discussion in September is that Mayor Longrie suggested that she had already worked out the budget cuts necessary to pay for the tax cut she proposed (in addition to the city's loss of state funds), but merely declined to share those with the rest of the council at that time. So I'm not sure why she has not yet provided that information, almost three months later.

Surely she does not expect the council to vote on her budget, without even giving us some time in advance of the meeting to review it? Or is the whole thing just another stunt, to create a campaign issue if, as she has threatened, she runs for office again in the future?

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When I lived in Roseville, I could not wait for John Kysylyczyn to leave the office of mayor. He was a disaster.

Now that I live in Maplewood, I can not wait for Diana Longrie to leave the office of mayor. She is a disaster.

Thanks to the public for voting these inept people out of office.

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