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Rebecca Cave Evaluates Copeland

As a follow-up to the previous video of Mayor Longrie reviewing the performance of former city manager Greg Copeland, I thought that I should also post the evaluation done by former councilmember and current city council candidate Rebecca Cave. This too is from the June 11, 2007 council meeting.

Cave immediately followed the evaluation done by Will Rossbach. Rossbach was rightly very critical of Mr. Copeland, and described his perception that Mr. Copeland served the majority of Cave, Longrie, and Hjelle, to the exclusion of Rossbach and Juenemann. Of the roughly 2 1/2 minutes that Cave speaks, about the first 30% is spent attacking Will for his criticism of Copeland. She says Will's critique was "inappropriate," "juvenile," and "pathetic," and suggests that he needs to "get some self-esteem classes."

For the rest, her only criticism of Mr. Copeland and his epic mismanagement of the city was apparently that he didn't say enough good things about himself in his self-evaluation.

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