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Kathleen Juenemann Evaluates Copeland

For a contrasting view, after seeing the performance reviews done by Diana Longrie and Rebecca Cave, here is Kathy Juenemann's evaluation from the same June 11, 2007, workshop.

Juenemann is currently on the council and a candidate for reelection.

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Ms. Juenemann critiqued Copeland's communication habits with respect to the council majority and minority.

As a reminder, here is the phone call analysis I published in January 2008


which included this summary:
CouncilPerson Calls Calls > 5 min
Total Minutes
Rossbach 31 10 145
Juenemann 49 14 355
Cave* 413 140 3213
Longrie 535 187 3935
Hjelle 823 233 4354

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