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Newsletter Lies, Example #1

At last night's meeting, Councilmember Hjelle took exception to a comment I made at our previous meeting, suggesting that Mr. Hjelle has a history of lying in his newsletter column.

He apparently intended to read every single newsletter column he has written in his four years on the council (to follow Diana's lead in further delaying any vote on the resolution to suspend the Council Corner editorial during the campaign season), and sidetrack discussion into a long and irrelevant argument about whether the statements in each were accurate or not.


Here's the official record. November 28, 2005, city council minutes, page 21:
7. Moving Visitor Presentations to Beginning of City Council Meeting

a. City Manager Fursman presented the report.

b. Councilmember Rossbach presented specifics from the report.

Councilmember Rossbach moved to approve moving visitor presentations following item D (Approval of Minutes) and limit the total time to 15 minutes. with the time being divided equally among the people who wish to speak.

Seconded by Councilmember Bartol

Ayes-Councilmembers Bartol, Juenemann and Rossbach
Nays-Mayor Cardinal and Councilmember Koppen
Absent from the list of votes: Councilmember Erik Hjelle, who would not be sworn in until January 2006.

It would be a major project to document all the false statements in Erik's columns over four years (to say nothing of the whoppers I'm sure will be coming in his October letter), but the fact that (a) he lied within the first few lines of his very first one, and (b) is utterly convinced that what he wrote was true in spite of the record (haven't we been here before?), gives us an idea of what to expect.

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