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More Media on Maplewood

Beside the Pioneer Press story I referenced this morning, a few other Maplewood-related news articles are in circulation today.

The "new media" takes a look at the Maplewood elections, though the byline is a familiar name for those who have followed Maplewood over the past few years: Paul Demko now writes for the Minnesota Independent, with a preliminary survey of the candidates. Demko's "Welcome to Maplewood" article from City Pages, March 2007, remains an indispensible introduction to the Longrie-Copeland era.

Meanwhile, the local weekly Maplewood Review has two front page articles related to the city council in this week's issue. One covering the Council Corner editorial discussion is not yet online as I write this. [Update, 7/23: It's now online.]

The other article discusses a deceptive flyer that was brought to the council's attention at our July 13th meeting, and which witnesses report was being distributed by the mayor's husband in the neighborhood affected by the Holloway/Stanich Highlands street project.

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Raise your hand if you believe Longrie doesn't know about it when her husband is busy spreading lies to residents.

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