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A Prank Gone Bad?

Sometimes it's easy to tell that something is a prank on the first of April. Other times it's not.

My colleague, Will Rossbach, takes the mayor to task for writing an e-mail to the House Minority Leader, opposing a bill that would fund land acquisition for conservation in the Fish Creek Natural Area Greenway -- and actually opposing the very idea of buying this land from its owner.

But can we be sure that the mayor actually wrote and sent this e-mail? Even though I'm told it first appeared on websites friendly to the mayor, might it be an April Fool's joke, or an impersonation?

On March 9, we directed the city staff to work on this. The mayor even asked staff to get a written agreement from CoPar to extend the time we have to purchase the land from them. Here's the video:

At our last meeting, on March 23, the mayor herself requested that staff post information on the progress of the Fish Creek Greenway bills on the city website.

It's hard to reconcile these statements on the record with the e-mail attributed to the mayor that has been circulating.

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Twist the comments as tight as your undies are twisted. Since you had already gone into a closed door meeting and acted on your own in February -- you somehow needed to cover your tracks. The Fish Creek presentation was a council presentation -- not voted on -- but Mr. Antonen offered to "study" the situation.

There was no indication what that outcome would be. But since then you have gone on to report to the press you are a conservationist? Is that the conservation of development? Must be because your record so far shows a vote "no" for conservation easements.

You also have clearly stated that development is a priority in Maplewood. Seems like a silly stance for someone associated with "progressives" in Minnesota. Admit it John. You are on your own planet with your own moral compass and false logic maybe the same one Rossbach landed on.

Your whole logic is hard to reconcile. Perhaps if there had been conversations about your master plan -- rather than working as a rogue -- some of these issues would have come out in the process. Oh that is right -- you do not have to include people into the equation in Maplewood. Get a grip.

Thanks, Dr. Binko, for reading and commenting on my blog.

For the benefit of other readers who may not know otherwise, let me be clear that Dr. Binko does not accurately describe my policy positions. However, her comment is similar to the misinformation that she has e-mailed to legislators in an effort to sink the Fish Creek Greenway bill.

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