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Conversation Delayed

Our planned city council goal setting session did not actually take place.

While the notice of the meeting was posted on the city website and notices were mailed to the list of people who have requested such mailings, this one meeting among the several called for today was inadvertently not posted on the bulletin board in City Hall three days in advance as specified by the Open Meeting Law (see Minnesota Statute 13D.04 Subdivision 2).

The city attorney had advised the council earlier in the morning that due to the unintentional nature of the oversight, the fact that people were generally notified via the website and mail (a newspaper reporter and a private citizen with a video camera were even in attendance), and because the meeting was being audio recorded and the recording would be available to the public upon request, his opinion was that the meeting could proceed in spite of the clerical error.

Once we were gathered at the Maplewood Room, Mayor Longrie stated that she would not participate in the meeting because of this error in notice. I agreed that it would be better to err on the side of caution. I also felt that it was important to have full council participation in order for the session to be useful.

We all pulled out our calendars, and rescheduled for Saturday, April 12th.

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