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Sauk Rapids Organizing

After Maplewood organized its trash hauling, and anti-organization haulers demonstrated their willingness to spend a lot of money on political races to punish would-be organizers and defend their own profits, the outlook seemed dim for other cities to follow our lead.

But apparently not that dim -- I just heard about Sauk Rapids choosing to go with a plan for organization, as reported in the St Cloud Times, with some council members who had opposed organization changing their mind on the issue when they saw the savings and benefits for residents.

I haven't seen it confirmed, but a rumor I hear is that the haulers' political group that has been backing anti-organization candidates (as they did in Maplewood and Roseville) was involved in Sauk Rapids, too -- and the candidates they backed, once in office and caught up to speed on all of the facts and pros and cons, sensibly changed their minds and decided that organization was the right path for their city.  If this is true, it's a very interesting wrinkle in the story.


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