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I Stand Corrected

In my last entry, I shared the news that trash rates in Maplewood for 2013 would remain the same as last year. However, that's turned out to be slightly inaccurate -- the final rates put in place for this year are lower than the 2012 rates.

Here are the new rates for 2013 in Maplewood, including all taxes and fees:
  • $6.79 for 20 gallons every other week
  • $9.23 for 20 gallons every week
  • $10.51 for 32 gallons every week
  • $11.76 for 65 gallons every week
  • $13.17 for 95 gallons every week
When we were developing the RFP and evaluating proposals, I observed numerous times that the formula we put in place could actually result in trash rates that declined rather than increasing. The naysayers who were convinced that the "government takeover" would inevitably drive up prices scoffed of course. I'm delighted to see that the supposedly unthinkable has actually come to pass.


Oh the shame!!

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