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Who Funds "Minnesota's Future" to Attack Peter Fischer?

Today brought another attack mailer against Peter Fischer, funded by a group called "Minnesota's Future." The theme is ooooooh, scary "job killing tax increases" because Peter is supported by "powerful special interests."

Of course, this mailing itself is funded by some of the other powerful special interests -- rich business interests -- that want the Republican candidate to win and to protect their fat wallets from taxes or regulations (for instance, those pesky environmental concerns about fracking vis a vis Great Plains Sand LLC). I was curious as to exactly which special interests, so I went to the Campaign Finance Board, to see who exactly has been giving heaps of money to defeat Peter.

This being the post-Citizens United era, of course, the funds almost all come from corporate treasuries -- a number of corporations that you can care bet little about you, and a lot about their own bottom line.

Here's a list from the latest report:

Davisco Foods International
11000 W. 78th St. #210
Eden Prairie MN 55344
6/22/2012 $100,000.00 cash contribution

Frauenshuh Companies
Creekview Building
7101 West 78th Street, Ste 100 Minneapolis MN 55439
7/20/2012 $100,000.00 cash contribution

Great Plains Sand, LLC
1242 Adrian Drive
Chaska MN 55318
2/27/2012 $25,000.00 cash contribution

HRCC [House Republican Campaign Committee, a political fund]
161 St Anthony Ave Ste 950
St Paul MN 55103
6/7/2012 $10,000.00 in-kind contribution of polling data

Hubbard Broadcasting
3415 University Avenue
St. Paul MN 55114
8/3/2012 $150,000.00 cash contribution

Micro Control
7956 Main Street NE Fridley MN 55432
7/28/2012 $50,000.00 cash contribution

Rosen's Diversified
1120 Lake Avenue Fairmont MN 56031
7/10/2012 $50,000.00 cash contribution

Senate Victory Fund [Political Fund]
161 St Anthony Ave Ste 902
St Paul MN 55103
6/7/2012 $10,000.00 in-kind contribution of polling data

If you don't care to receive these mailings, you might contact the Chair of "Minnesota's Future," Chris Tiedeman, at ctiedeman@gmail.com.  As he is happy to spend a lot of money to share his views and the financial-political needs of his clients with you, I'm sure he'd love to have a two-way dialogue and hear from you in return.  No doubt all the companies listed above would enjoy a political conversation with their customers as well, since they're eager to persuade you to support their favored candidate.  Similarly, you can drill down into the links for the two political funds to see which companies in turn are funding them.

Or, perhaps more constructively, you could take this as a prod to toss a few bucks in the hat for Peter Fischer -- someone who you can be sure will focus on the needs of his constituents, not rich out-of-town businesses.  You can give online on his website.

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