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Tennis Sanitation Wins Hastings Contract

Congratulations to Tennis Sanitation for winning a 3-year contract for trash hauling and recycling in Hastings starting next year.

While Tennis opposed Maplewood's effort to organize trash hauling, they did still participate constructively in the process and submitted a solid, competitive proposal.  The year before, they had won Maplewood's recycling contract. When I was on the council I received many comments from residents expressing satisfaction with their recycling service.  As a resident who uses their services every week myself, for that matter, you can count me among the satisfied.

I'm glad to see Tennis pursuing contracts like Hastings, and demonstrating -- as they did with recycling in Maplewood and other cities -- that the smaller local firm can compete head to head with the big players in bidding/proposing for organized recycling and trash contracts and earn a piece of the business.


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