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Chris Tiedeman: Habitual Liar?

After my earlier post, I thought I'd google Chris Tiedeman, chair of Minnesota's Future, and discovered that he's almost a job creator in his own right -- if the jobs in question are those of fact checkers debunking bogus claims in his mountains of false and misleading campaign material.

Apparently Mr. Tiedeman thinks that Peter Fischer is not the only person with a supernatural ability to impose his will on elected bodies of which he is not a part.  Tiedeman has also claimed that Peter's opponent, Stacey Stout, "helped turn a $6 billion deficit into a $1 billion surplus."  Setting aside the argument over whether that's a fair characterization of the state's budget, it's a remarkable thing to credit to someone who was not even a candidate at the time, let alone an incumbent office-holder.

Tiedeman's work is spread all over the state.  In a letter to the editor, one voter in Windom complained about "a big metro Political Action Committee with boatloads of money is sending out attack piece after attack piece," and noted that "In fact, with a different picture and name, the very same nasty flyers are being used to attack lots of candidates." From Brainerd to Bloomington to Brandon, Tiedeman's work gets described by phrases like "telling lies," "frustrating to anyone seeking the truth," and "distorting the truth."

Sadly, our mailbox is going to have to suffer another week of crap from this jerk and his pals before the election is over.

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