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As a follow-up to the last post, you may wonder who exactly is behind "Garbage Haulers for Citizen Choice," the group pouring money into the Roseville City Council race with an eye to choking the grassroots interest there in organized collection.

According to campaign finance reports last year, the funding of this group in their Maplewood operation came from these haulers:
  • ACE Solid Waste
  • Dick's Sanitation
  • Randy's Environmental
  • Walter's Recycling & Refuse
It's possible of course that companies have joined or left the group, but given the spending they did last year in Maplewood (despite that fact that only Walters had a residential license in Maplewood), I would expect they're all committed this year as well.  If you live in Roseville and use one of these firms, you now know what some of your trash bill is going to fund.

(Thanks to the folks at Walters, by the way, for visiting my blog recently, and reminding me that I should write this post, since folks may not know who is behind the front group.)

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