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Redistricting: A Maplewood Quick Take

Today's big news is the court-generated redistricting map of Minnesota.  Minnesota Public Radio has a great interface for seeing how the lines fall and where incumbents live.  Here's how it looks at first glance.

Maplewood is currently represented by one Senate District (55, Chuck Wiger-DFL) and two House Districts (55A, Leon Lillie-DFL; and 55B, Nora Slawik-DFL).  The new map puts us into two senate districts and three house districts.

Southern Maplewood, where Nora Slawik lives, becomes House District 53A.  Slawik loses Oakdale but adds part of Woodbury to her constituency.  The new Senate District 53, which includes that same part of Maplewood, is an open seat.

A middle part of Maplewood belongs to Lillie's new District 43B, along with North Saint Paul and Oakdale.  Wiger's new Senate District 43 includes this portion of Maplewood, as well as the remainder to North and West (and part of White Bear Lake, Birchwood Village, Willernie and Mahtomedi).  The other house district in this territory, which actually seems to hold a majority of Maplewood's population, becomes the new House District 43A, another open seat.

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