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Campaign Lit: Proven Leadership

This year we decided to do a full-color, full-page insert in the Maplewood Review.  This design has a lot more text than is usually a good idea for a political flier, but we figured that folks reading the local weekly newspaper are likely to be the kind of folks who might read this. The size of the piece also gave me a place to list all of the organizational and individual endorsements I had received when we went to press.  (Click on the image to open a larger version.)

Maplewood has come a long way forward in the past four years, and I'm very proud to have played a key role in changing our direction for the better.

Some candidates, and the out-of-town haulers pouring money into our race to defeat me, are trying to make the election all about one vote on November 28th.  But of course we're choosing councilmembers to serve for four years, starting in January -- and there will be many issues besides trash that the council will face over that term.  All of the candidates have been on the council before, and if you compare our records, I hope you'll agree that I have demonstrated both sensible policy positions and the ability to actually work with my colleagues to accomplish them.


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