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Volunteer Opportunities

My campaign is planning a door-knock for Saturday, October 15th.  If you're free that morning and willing to walk door-to-door delivering literature and sometimes talking with folks, I'd love to have your asssistance!

The following Saturday, the 22nd, the local DFL party is organizing a door-knock for the two DFL-endorsed City Council candidates (Marv Koppen and me).  Marv and I have many other endorsements in common, so this will be a chance for folks who support both of us to help both campaigns without literally walking over the same ground twice.

If you are able to help on either or both days, please drop me a line so I can get you all the details.  If you'd like to help but can't do it on those weekends, I can also arrange to get you literature and target lists to do on your own schedule.


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