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Building on the momentum of Wednesday's recount, which only slightly expanded the margin by which she came in last place in the primary, Elizabeth Sletten has announced that she will be running a write-in campaign for city council in the November general election.

This will add an interesting dynamic to the ongoing race.  It's tough work to mount a write-in campaign under any circumstances, and made tougher by the format of a an election for two at-large seats where each voter can choose to cast one vote or two.  To have a shot at overtaking three other candidates, let alone all four, Sletten will need to convince her supporters not only to write in her name, but to bullet vote -- to vote only for her, and thus not increase the vote tallies of any of the candidates printed on the ballot.  Ms. Sletten is nothing if not tenacious, and I am sure she'll be working hard to make that argument to the voters in the coming weeks.

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