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Memory Lane: When Sletten Sought DFL Endorsement

I heard through the local political grapevine that a local unit of the Republican Party decided to endorse in this year's city council race.  That's not surprising or inappropriate; after all, the DFL has endorsed me and Marv Koppen.  A race being "non-partisan" doesn't mean political parties can't be involved, only that party affiliation or endorsement doesn't appear on the ballot.

But I was a little surprised to hear that Elizabeth Sletten received GOP endorsement, given her history of seeking of support from the DFL.  As a city council candidate in 2009, she asked for a DFL resolution of support; and in last year's special election she sought Democratic endorsement.  When the candidates were asked about their past support of DFL candidates and the party, Ms. Sletten described her pride in voting for President Obama.  In her own words recorded June 15, 2010:

Perhaps she had a major change of political heart over the past year.  But a person has to wonder if she was just saying what she thought the audience wanted to hear when she was asking for their votes -- either then or now.

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