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Liars to the Editor

I imagine it's true in any political setting, but in Maplewood each election seems to bring a fresh crop of false rumors and conspiracy theories promoted by the usual suspects.  Sooner or later, some gullible soul is lured into submitting a letter to the editor promoting some of this fiction as fact.

So it is this week with a letter to the editor of the Maplewood Review.  Kim Points became aware that I had returned from the LMC conference in Rochester this past June in order to attend the local DFL endorsing convention.  She claims that I missed half the conference.  In case you don't think that would be a big deal, even if it were true, she clutches her pearls and exclaims that "[half] that [conference] registration fee, $122.50 could feed a small family for a week."

While I did return for the endorsement, apparently it didn't occur to Ms. Points that I would be able to drive back to Rochester the same evening.  In case it was unclear, the League of Minnesota Cities held its conference in Rochester, Minnesota -- not, say, Rochester, New York.  And if you've never driven there, it may be worth noting that it can take longer to get from Maplewood to some Metro destinations, depending on traffic, than it does to drive to Rochester.  All I missed of the conference was part of the cash bar & appetizers cocktail hour.

I'm sure this is only the beginning of the nonsense we'll see as the campaign unfolds.  Keep your eyes peeled, your skepticism sharpened, and let me know what crazy stories you hear.  And for heaven's sake, people, why not make some tiny effort to fact check before you put your name in the paper attached to a lie?


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