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Detailed Election Results

I've uploaded the spreadsheet of election results to Google Docs.  It includes results on a precinct-by-precinct basis, including the numbers of voters voting (1,820 city-wide) and the turnout (9% of registered voters cast ballots in this race).

The Ramsey County-reported percentages were on the basis of the number of votes cast, which could be one or two on any given ballot.  Here are the results expressed as a percentage of ballots that included a vote for each candidate:

1. John Nephew, 932 votes = 51.3%
2. Marv Koppen, 901 votes = 49.5%
3. Bob Cardinal, 806 votes = 44.3%
4. Rebecca Cave, 470 votes = 25.8%
5. Elizabeth Sletten, 463 votes = 25.4%

1,820 voters could have cast up to 3,640 votes; so the actual number of 3,572 votes cast tells us that 68 voters chose to vote for only a single candidate rather than two.


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