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Today's news is the rainfall of the last 24 hours, which has been at the "100 year event" level in Maplewood and many other parts of Minnesota.  The central part of Maplewood seems to have been hardest hit -- an e-mail from staff reports "the heaviest rainfall appears to have fallen in an area from Stillwater Road on the south; TH 61 on the west, Century on the east and County Road C on the north."  The pond by City Hall has overflowed into the community center parking lot; there is a report that lightning may have struck City Hall.  The rainfall has overtaxed the capacity of our storm sewer system, resulting in a lot of water on roads, parking lots, and flooding in what sounds like a pretty large number of homes.

Cars have been caught by the waters in some places and stalled (including Highway 36 near English and also on McKnight under Highway 36 in North Saint Paul, where water was reportedly up to the car windows).  If you see a police/fire barricade out on the roads, take it seriously and don't be one of the folks who drove around it, only to stall out in the flooded road beyond.

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