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East Metro Fire Safety Training Center in Bonding Bill

Some great news for public safety in the East Metro came out of the bonding bill passed in the special session last night.  Section 12, Subd. 3, includes:

Subd. 3.East Metro Fire Safety Training

16.28For a grant to the city of Maplewood
16.29to acquire land, prepare a site including
16.30environmental work, predesign, design, and
16.31construct the East Metro Regional Public
16.32Safety Training Facility in Ramsey County,
16.33within the city of Maplewood.

Many thanks and congratulations to chief authors Leon Lillie and Chuck Wiger for their hard work on this, as well as Nora Slawik and other supportive legislators (I hear through the grapevine that Rep. Hausman and Sen. Langseth were especially helpful), and of course, Governor Dayton.  And of course we can't fail to mention Chief Lukin for championing this, the many other East Metro fire chiefs and departments who supported it, the city staff who helped develop the plan and move it forward, and Ramsey County (particularly Commissioner Reinhardt) for supporting the plan and contributing environmental clean-up funds.

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