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Can I Count on Your Support?

This isn't a rhetorical question!

The basic process of an election campaign goes like this:
  1. Identify likely voters.
  2. Sift those voters among those who have made up their mind (whether to support you or your opponent), and those who are undecided and persuadable.
  3. Try to persuade the undecided to support you.
  4. When the election arrives, remind your supporters to turn out and vote.
These days, the first point is relatively easy, thanks to the database of voters that candidates can get from the Minnesota Secretary of State.  It lists registered voters in your city, and their voting history (which elections they've voted in, not of course who they voted for).  Past voting history is a pretty good indicator of who is likely to vote in future elections.

Now we're in the sifting phase, when I need to identify where the voters stand.  If they have made up their mind, whether for or against me, I do not want to put resources into sending them campaign material, leaving them phone messages, etc.  If they are supporters, I just need to remind them right before the election that I need them to vote.  If they oppose my re-election, I'd just as well not annoy them with any more contact from my campaign.

So my question in the header of this post is very sincere: If you are a Maplewood voter, I'd like to know whether or not you support me.  Feel free to drop me a line and let me know either way!

(Note that if you've requested a sign, made a campaign contribution, or asked to be on my public list of supporters, I already have you identified as a supporter in my database.)


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