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Smaller Containers

At the quarterly Citizens Forum this past weekend, one audience member voiced her frustration that even her current 30 gallon rubbish bin is much larger than she needs, as a senior citizen who generates little waste and recycles as much as she can. 

Few residents may realize it, but the current Maplewood garbage hauler licensing ordinance requires (Ordinance 771, Chapter 16, Article II, Sec. 16-33) that "each hauler shall provide services for amounts less than thirty (30) gallons at a price below what it charges for collection and disposal services for thirty-gallon volumes."

Of course, as I found in looking at trash rate reporting, just because it's the law doesn't mean it's the practice.  Three of Maplewood's haulers report with their rates that a less-than-30-gallon option is "Not Available," four say to "Call in" if you want to know what it costs, and a single hauler reports a price of $4.50 per month (though we can't tell what volume that is).

But anyone who finds that 30 gallons is simply more throwing-away-capacity than they need should certainly call up their hauler, cite the city law that requires a smaller service option, and ask for rates and details.


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