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My Growing Collection of Trash Bills

About a month ago, I put out a call for examples of peoples' trash bills.  Many thanks to the dozens of folks who have responded so far.

As of this moment, I have scanned/redacted most but not all of the bills I've received, blacking out names and personally identifiable information.  As I get them done, I'm loading them onto a publicly-readable directory on my web server as individual image files.  You can go there and take a look at all the individual bills.  When I have multiple bills from the same household, I have added letters to distinguish them (e.g., "41a" and "41b" are bills for the same customer in two different time periods).  The multiple bills let us see changes in pricing over time, or special services (e.g., one bill may include a once-yearly charge for yard waste).

I intend to do some summarizing and analysis, but I figured there's no harm in sharing the raw information as I collect it in the meantime.  Do note that in some cases there are special circumstances -- for example, Invoice #6 is a resident who is part of a self-organized neighborhood, who bargained for a lower price with a single hauler to serve all the households in their area -- which may not be apparent.  In other cases a rate may reflect an introductory price for a new customer.  I've gotten a couple of example bills from townhome associations.

I'm still looking for more bills, especially since I have not yet gotten examples from every licensed hauler that works in our city.  So if you're willing to help, please do send me a photo or scan of a recent bill if you haven't already.  Thanks!


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