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Public Opinion 1996

As mentioned previously, I am aware of only one scientific survey of Maplewood resident opinion that included a question about organized trash hauling.  The 2002 Ramsey County trash study made reference to it, and now I've received a copy of the 156-page survey report itself.

The survey was done in early December 1995, with 400 randomly selected residents and a margin of error of +/-5%.

Here are the results on the trash hauling topic, including the actual question posed:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

As you can see, 56% favored organized collection, 38% were opposed.

The comments on demographics are interesting, as it does seem that on average people who have contacted me in opposition to organized trash hauling have been older or retired. Numerous people who contacted me in favor of organized hauling said they couldn't attend the Monday meeting because of family obligations, which might be an indicator that younger residents with children and busy lives are both more inclined to favor organized hauling and less likely to find time to attend a meeting or contact their elected officials about it.


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