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Public Hearing Date Set

At Monday night's council meeting, we voted 4-1 (Koppen was the dissenting vote) to call a public hearing for March 28th to hear public comment before considering a resolution of intent to organize trash collection.

If that resolution passes, the city will attempt to develop an organized collection plan, working with any of the city's licensed haulers who are willing to participate in the planning process.  (I know of two haulers that have already notified the city that they are officially neutral on the question of whether or not the city should organize, and will be happy to work with us on developing a plan if the resolution passes.)  When there is a specific plan before us, the council will be able to evaluate its merits (making findings as required by statute) and vote on whether or not to adopt it.

If you forget to mark your calendar right away, don't worry — I'm sure you'll get at least one mailing from the trash haulers' trade association to remind you before the date arrives.


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