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EOW Service

I came across an interesting option available in some cities with organized collection: service that is every other week instead of weekly.

In the city of Wayzata, for example, it appears that you can pay $7.49 (plus tax) for weekly service of a 30-gallon trash bin, or only $3.28 + tax if it's picked up every other week.  In comparison, the lowest Maplewood rate appears to be $12.05 for weekly service of this size bin.

(When I compare pricing around the metro, I try to back out the taxes because they vary greatly from county to county and would be applied the same whether under open hauling or organized collection.  In Hennepin County, they have a 9% tax on residential waste.  Their county also uses part of their property tax levy for solid waste management.  Ramsey County, in comparison, applies a 28% tax on residential trash bills.  In both counties, there's a 9.75% state tax.)


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