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Shared Recreation Services

While I was away, our City Council unanimously approved a joint powers agreement with our neighboring city of North Saint Paul to provide shared recreation programming for both cities.  (Were I here, I would have voted in favor as well.)  We had taken some small steps in this direction this past summer, with Maplewood providing lifeguards for North Saint Paul's beach on Silver Lake.  City officials from both cities should be commended for the work they put into this.

Local newspapers have covered the agreement: the Maplewood Review published an article after the North Saint Paul City Council signed off last month, and the Star Tribune followed its earlier and more detailed article with a short piece after our Council's action on Monday.

I expect this will be only the beginning of such programs among cities, as we try to stretch our dollars further in maintaining services for our residents.  Shared services are worth looking into at any time, but the state's fiscal crisis and the resulting cuts of funds to cities make it a matter of urgency today.

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