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What About Snowbirds?

I received an e-mail with a question that I've also gotten from a couple of other folks:

I have read your FAQ sheet and have a question.

We are snowbirds and are away from our home in Maplewood for 4 1/2 months. We leave end of November and return home 1st part of April. Under our current plan we can suspend our trash service and are not billed.

If this plan goes through would we be billed for the period of time we are out of the state?? I could not find any reference to this issue. I am sure we are not the only snowbirds in Maplewood.

I haven't asked how other cities do it, but it seems to me you should be able to suspend service when you're out of town (or in similar situations, if say a house is unoccupied while up for sale or rent), without being billed. A plan should be able to include that in the service terms spelled out in a request for proposals.


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