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LMC Webinar: Q&A with Horner

The League of Minnesota Cities is doing something interesting this election season: hosting online Q&As with gubernatorial candidates, to give city officials a chance to ask them city-related questions.  This seems like a good idea, not only to have a chance to learn where the candidates stand on issues of concern to cities in Minnesota, but to let the candidates know what issues concern us local elected officials when it comes to our relationship with the state government.

A recording of the first one, with Independence Party candidate Tom Horner, is online now.  (I should note, I had trouble trying to listen to it with Firefox on a PC -- it would jump ahead at random times -- but it works fine with Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.  I haven't tried getting at it with Mac or Linux yet, but those platforms may have similar issues.)

Democratic candidate Mark Dayton has agreed to participate as well, but no date has been set, while Republican Tom Emmer's campaign has unfortunately declined to participate.

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