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Can the Little Guys Compete?

Responding to my FAQ, a resident writes:
Your references were all accurate, but I have to challenge an inference made that the small companies who are not members of the NSWMA do not agree with that organization's stance. I verified with Tennis that they had indeed sent a message to all their customers stating their concerns before being contacted by NSWMA, at which point they agreed to work together.

The resident is referring to this card:

She is absolutely correct that a hauler may agree with NSWMA while not being member.  Conversely, being a member does not mean that a hauler agree with all the positions that its trade association takes.

But it may be worth pointing out that on Monday, when the topic was his low bid on the Maplewood recycling contract, Mr. Tennis gave us a different account of his ability to compete with the big haulers -- he told us about the competitive advantages he has as a small, local, family-owned business with a lean operation and low overhead:

I hope residents are at least as skeptical of statements and intentions of their trash haulers as they are of their city council.


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