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Calculated Roughness

Some folks have commented to me on how that NWSMA mailing looks, frankly, kind of crappy, not only ugly in layout but with misspellings to boot.  You might wonder why a trade organization would not project a more professional image.

Ah, but there's the genius.  By looking rough, it projects an image of authenticity, like it was composed by hard-working guys after a long shift of demanding physical labor.  Not, say, a high-priced, East Coast-educated lawyer.

In other words, it's calculated to give you the impression that it speaks for the small, local, family-owned hauler -- not the actual organizations represented by NWSMA.  Of the eight haulers licensed in Maplewood, only three are on the NWSMA's member list -- the three largest, multibillion-dollar, nation-wide operations with out-of-state or out-of-country headquarters and executives with compensation as high as eight figures: Allied Waste (which is now part of Republic Industries), Veolia (a multinational conglomerate headquartered in France), and Waste Management (you might remember them from their cooking-the-books accounting scandal back in the Enron days).

These big corporations and their hired guns will stop at nothing to manipulate you and control your local government for their own financial benefit.

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