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Margin of Victory

Besides the Maplewood Special Election, you may have noticed there was a primary in Minnesota for many other offices this past Tuesday.

According to an e-mail sent to supporters from the campaign of Rep. Betty McCollum's campaign, she received the largest winning percentage of any Congressional candidate, in her landslide victory over Diana Longrie. Politics in Minnesota has the breakdown for all the Minnesota Congressional primaries. It's interesting that, even losing by such an enormous margin, Longrie actually received more votes than the winner of the Republican primary in the 4th Congressional District. (The endorsed Republican candidate a bit more than twice as many votes in that race as the suspected-felon-dentist-expatriate candidate.) Given that there was no doubt about the Republican gubernatorial primary, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those Longrie votes came from non-Democrats who oppose McCollum and simply took the opportunity to participate in "Operation Chaos."


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