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Gerten Pond

The 2009-2013 and 2010-2014 Capital Improvement Plans both include a project called "Gerten Pond Draining Improvements." The 2009-2013 plan anticipated the project in 2011-2012; the next CIP moved it back to 2012-2013. The project was described as follows:
A trunk drainage pipe collects upstream runoff and runs under Hwy 36 and outlets into Gerten Pond. This trunk drainage pipe backs up at times into surrounding commercial property and highway ditches between Gervais Ave and Hwy 36. An overall draining study should be conducted in order to identify deficiencies and then make the necessary improvements.
In this year's draft CIP, the project no longer is a stand-alone item, but has been incorporated into the Highway 36/English interchange improvements.

I was pleased to see the recent eNewsletter from Congresswoman Betty McCollum report that our city's request for funding was included a bill approved by the the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, of which she is a member. Her newsletter reports,
City of Maplewood: Gerten Pond Improvements - $1,000,000. A major urban body of water, the Gerten Pond serves a large industrial and residential area in Maplewood, Minnesota. The requested funding will support improvements, drainage system revisions, and local environmental improvements to enhance the efficiency of storm water sewers.
While the appropriations process has a long way to go and the outcome is not guaranteed, it's great news to have a chance at federal funding for this important project. Congratulations and thanks to Mayor Rossbach and City Manager Antonen, who brought this funding request to Washington earlier this year when they attended the National League of Cities conference, and of course thanks to Rep. McCollum as well.

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