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Minnesota cities face tremendous strains in today's economic and political environment. The Executive Director of the League of Minnesota Cities, Jim Miller, recently wrote in an e-mail to city officials:
We have recently contracted with the University of Minnesota for an analysis of the trends that will shape city budgets in the decade to come and the dire financial constraints and painful policy choices that lie ahead for all cities. We are preparing to publicly release the results of this analysis at the League’s Annual Conference in St. Cloud, June 23-25. The results are stunning – both in the severity of the pain ahead and in how widespread that pain will be felt if nothing changes.
The League of Minnesota Cities has launched a new campaign to build awareness and solicit input from the public on the topic of city services and funding. Part of the campaign is the following web video:

People are invited to visit outsidetheox.org, to share reactions, comments, and ideas.

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