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DFL Convention Video: Rukavina Endorses Kelliher

This past weekend we went to Duluth and I attended the Minnesota DFL State Convention. I had a video camera with me, and recorded a little bit, though lacking a tripod and holding a camera up above my head to see over a crowd made for shaky images.

Rep. Tom Rukavina impressed me as a political speaker, exhorting the convention with obvious passion and leavening his speech with self-deprecating humor. (One of his memorable lines, which I'd heard before, was his recounting one voter on the campaign trail who told him he was like "the love child of Paul Wellstone and Jesse Ventura." I also liked a pin for him that I saw a delegate wearing, with the tag line "Reducing the Size of Government"...in reference to his height, not his political philosophy!)

When it was announced that he was going to address the convention again — which is usually a sign that someone is going to graciously bow out in light of how the balloting is going — I remembered to pull out my camera and record it. Here it is:

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