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DFL Convention Video: Auditors of Rock

At this past weekend's DFL convention, a little ritual unfolded with each candidate nominated for endorsement. First someone would endorse, which supposed to be just the name of a proposed candidate. Then it was necessary to have 50 delegates second the endorsement, by raising hands. Then the supporters of the candidate were given time to demonstrate -- this usually involved a lot of marching around the convention, cheering, sign waving, etc. -- and the candidate was given a chance to address the convention.

State Auditor Rebecca Otto, who is seeking reelection and faced no challenge for her endorsement, offered the most entertaining demonstration by far. She turned the stage over to her teenage son's band. She explained that she had suggested the name themselves "The Auditors of Rock," but they decided to go with "Radium" instead.

I didn't grab the camera fast enough to get the very start of their song, but here is most of the performance:

Unfortunately, I missed a funny parliamentary moment that happened immediately after: Party chair Brian Melendez rose to a point of personal privilege, to ask if the band new any ABBA songs. And if not, he offered a motion to close nominations.

Here is Rebecca Otto speaking, followed by the convention endorsing her:

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