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Streaming Links

The City of Maplewood website doesn't yet have all the links and directions in place, but streaming of live and archived Maplewood meetings is in fact available now.

Here are links to the archived Maplewood City Council meetings of the year to date:

January 4th Special City Council Meeting
January 11th City Council-Manager Workshop
January 11th Regular City Council Meeting
January 12th City Council-Manager Workshop

Tonight's workshop, in which we will be interviewing a lot of candidates for the new Business & Economic Development Commission, begins at 5:00 and while it's going on it should be viewable online. Later it will also be available as an archive, with those handy agenda links embedded to make it easy to find whatever specific item on the agenda you may be interested in.

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I understand this is a seven person commission. Is the council obligated to appoint seven of these candidates? Or, can you appoint 0-6 of them, appointing just those the council feels will make a positive contribution to this new endeavor?

I don't believe we are obligated to appoint all seven. However, we'd need to set up a voting system that allows for the council to make that choice, which is a complication to the process.

My hope is that we'll be able to fill all seven seats, given that we do have more than twice as many candidates as seats.

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