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Streaming Video of City Meetings

At the November 23rd city council meeting, we approved the plan to put city meetings on the internet -- streaming live, and archived for viewing on demand. This service is being offered through the Ramsey-Washington Suburban Cable Commission to its members; the more cities that sign up, the bigger discount we will all see. This week's Maplewood Review includes an article about it, including the news that North Saint Paul has also taken action to sign up for the service.

I see video streaming as an important step in increasing the accessibility of local government and the accuracy of information available to residents. Not all of our residents have free time to attend a lot of city meetings, or even to watch them at the specific times they are broadcast or rebroadcast. This new service will allow anyone with access to the internet (if not at home, then at the public library) to go to the specific portion of a meeting that interests them, even if the meeting took place months in the past.


I first read the title of this as 'Steaming video...'.

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