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Victory for Rossbach, Juenemann, Llanas

I'm home from an election night gathering, where we saw Will Rossbach win the race for mayor by a huge margin, Kathy Juenemann retain her seat on the city council for a third term, and Jim Llanas win the seat that Erik Hjelle will be leaving in January.

While it soon seemed clear that Juenemann would hold her seat, the race for the second council seat was a nail-biter. The first precincts to report were ones where Dave Hafner, who ultimately finished third in a field of four, did well. But three of the last four precincts to report — P3, P6 and P7 — were ones where Llanas' primary vote totals were around three times Hafner's. As those precincts came in the tide turned, and the end result was a solid win for Llanas.

Here are the total votes as reported by Ramsey County, for mayor:

Write-in Votes5819.67%

and for council:

JAMES LLANAS280124.77%
DAVE HAFNER264823.42%
REBECCA CAVE236820.94%
Write-in Votes4684.14%

Here's something striking: incumbent mayor Diana Longrie received fewer votes than any of the four candidates on the ballot for City Council.

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