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2009 Election Result Links

As I post this, the polls have just closed. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the results to be tallied and reported.

If you'll be at a computer this evening, the place to watch results as they come in is the Ramsey County Elections web page for 2009 election results. This will be updated with new totals as the precincts report. (There's also a link to the Ramsey County page from the top of the Maplewood website's elections page.)

On the Minnesota Secretary of State website, you can also find election results. If the past is a guide, this information will not be as up-to-date as the county page, but will have more details when it does appear (such as precinct-level totals).

If you have cable TV and live in Maplewood, I've heard that the city's Channel 16 will also be showing election results. (Right now my TV screen tells me that it's about to rebroadcast the 10/26 council workshop, so maybe that's not going to happen after all, or at least not in real time.)

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