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Who Would You Guess is Angling for the Racist Homophobe Vote?

All over my neighborhood this morning, anonymous flyers attacking council candidate Jim Llanas -- "a non-native of Maplewood" who "apparently spends much of his time in Minneapolis supporting gay politicians" -- showed up on mailboxes, appearing at the same time and attached with the same distinctive blue masking tape as flyers from one of the campaigns.

Would it surprise you to learn that the non-anonymous flyer is for Dave "911" Hafner and his write-in running mates, Ken Smart and DelRay Rokke? It would appear that Hafner's campaign wanted to make sure, if you are the kind of person who is frightened by an anonymous flyer talking about gays and "non-natives," that you know that he and his lily-white not-at-all-gay "dream team" are ready and eager to receive your vote.

(For whatever it's worth, I don't think those three were born in Maplewood either, but you know that's not really what the flyer is getting at with the term "non-native"...)

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Thank you for this excellent, well written, blog which I have been following for months and for keeping the heat on the "Three Stooges".

I am dying for the text of the letter. I hard it is a hoot!

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