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Lillie News Voters' Guide 2009

The Maplewood Review's sister publication, the Woodbury-South Maplewood Review, appears earlier in the week. Thus it already has posted this year's voters' guides, one for city council candidates and the other for mayoral candidates, with candidate answers to questions posed by the editors of the newspapers.

I have to admit, I find Dave Hafner's answers particularly entertaining, as he proposes to "rid the city of the acrimony," touts his "people-skills," proclaims himself "good, decent, honest" and proposes "charging zero taxes" (I guess that's one way to one-up Longrie's proposal to cut the tax levy on top of losing our MVHC), which he thinks would be "the kind of imaginative thinking that we need in Maplewood." "Imaginative" as in "fantasy," I guess, much like his pal Erik Hjelle's belief in a free lunch. Maybe, persuaded by Hafner's legendary people skills, volunteers would run all city services for free, donate blacktop for roads, etc.?

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